One  Day warehouse SALE 

43005 rt 28 Arkville NY 

May 27 8am to 8pm   


For the very first time, I will be opening the doors to our warehouse for the most spectacular sale you have ever been too. So ridiculously cheap you should stock up for a year worth of gifts. 

Don't forget Christmas is only 7 months away! 

Or for those more entrepreneurial stock up to sell on eBay, poshmark or at home parties. SERIOUSLY it will be insane! (said in Crazy Eddie voice) 

Two rules

No trying on, meaning there are no dressing rooms, but you are free to try on over clothing. I recommend wearing a catsuit. 

Cash only unless you are willing to pay 5% more. 

There is also no service meaning, and no one is going to help you find a size. 

Please share with your will be their hero!